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The Bhavan: Branding Case Study

The Bhavan is a centre for Indian arts and culture based in West Kensington, London. After having been established in the UK for over 25 years, they decided that they needed to rebrand and refresh, with the aims of reaching an even wider audience.

Working in a creative team with the talented Amy Beeson, Brand Creative and Director of WordsBy Communications, we put together a fresh new identity for The Bhavan. This is the largest branding project of my career so far, and we provided agency service at almost a 10th of the cost by working flexibly and charging reasonable rates by the hour (not by the day). With no agency overheads or exorbitant salaries to pay, it meant our client got exactly what they were paying for and so much more.

The fresh new identity for The Bhavan is getting a lot of attention, and looks sure to win over new engaged audiences and fill its members, staff and students with an even greater sense of pride. It’s already proving a big hit across social media and at the venue. It was a big step for this arts organisation to invest in creating a strong, creative and distinct brand. We’ve worked hard with them every step of the way to ensure the staff, the students and the members feel a real sense of ownership of The Bhavan’s creative identity.

Let us take you on a journey to discover The Bhavan, starting with its vibrant new look…

The Bhavan Outside Divya Venkatesh

The Bhavan Reception Divya Venkatesh

Crossing the threshold to receive a warm welcome from reception…


Concept Work for The Bhavan, Divya V


Racing up the stairs to go to…


The Bhavan Yoga Divya Venkatesh


A Yoga class…


The Bhavan Art Divya Venkatesh


An Art exhibition or lecture…


The Bhavan Languages Divya Venkatesh


Or to learn a new language…


The Bhavan Auditorium Divya Venkatesh

Before spending an evening watching the best Indian dancers, actors, musicians, and singers in an unforgettable show.


Welcome to The Bhavan – The home of Indian arts.

This fabulous identity didn’t just come together like that. A lot of time was spent researching what The Bhavan meant to the people who spend time there, and just who were the new audiences the arts venue should be connecting with. Amy then got to work on the brand language, crafting the new brand values, word banks, tone of voice, proposition and straplines.

Logo for The Bhavan, Divya Venkatesh

We worked together on creating The Bhavan’s new logo, which has variations for use with the strapline, website address, in colour and for different channels – all explained in detail in the client’s brand guidelines.


The Bhavan Typestyles Divya Venkatesh


We set up new typographic styles to create a consistent but distinct typographic language for The Bhavan’s performance, education and corporate communications.


The Bhavan Corporate Colour Divya Venkatesh The Bhavan Education Colour Divya Venkatesh The Bhavan Production Colour Divya Venkatesh


And put together two fresh colour palettes with genre brand coding for performance and education communications, as well as a chic and elegant corporate identity colour palette.


The Bhavan Quotation Divya Venkatesh


We also devised a way for quotations to be used in each genre, showing the client how it all works together with the distinct genre colours and silhouettes for dance, music, language, art, vocal and yoga.


The Bhavan Graphic Devices Divya Venkatesh


And finally, we created three graphic devices using two-tone circle, spotlight and footlights gradient, and silhouettes – all of which have the flexibility to be use with high quality photography, genre colours, illustration or copy, and quotation – giving consistency and creativity across marketing.


Print Collateral for The Bhavan, Divya Venkatesh

We tested the brand  by creating marketing postcards and brochures…


Print Collateral for The Bhavan, Divya Venkatesh

…which explored how to use the brand across print and digital channels…


The Bhavan Consistency Divya Venkatesh

…as well as looking at how to create different marketing collateral for the same show…


The Bhavan More Marketing Collateral Divya Venkatesh

…and creating variation and vibrancy whilst still retaining brand consistency.


The Bhavan Social Media Logo Divya Venkatesh

The Bhavan Twitter Application Divya Venkatesh

We applied the brand to social media platforms like Twitter…


The Bhavan Facebook Divya Venkatesh

…and Facebook.


The Bhavan Website Landing Page Divya Venkatesh

We also applied the new branding to The Bhavan website, and designed a new homepage where all the richness of the brand came together to create exciting content and work harder to sell.


The Bhavan Website Events Divya Venkatesh

And brought together the different elements used across the performance genres…


The Bhavan Website Classes Divya Venkatesh

…to promote engagement and booking for classes.


The Bhavan Website Yoga Class Divya Venkatesh

…to make navigation and interpretation fluid, and give words and design space to breathe with less clutter and more purposeful content.


The Bhavan Website Dance Event Divya Venkatesh

We identified user pathways to maximise bookings for shows, classes and venue space.


The Bhavan Corporate Stationery Divya Venkatesh

We also worked on creating an elegant corporate identity, which works with both the education or performance marketing, or on it’s own…


The Bhavan Signage Divya Venkatesh

The Bhavan Namaste Divya Venkatesh

…with simple but chic signage for a West London street, giving the warmest of welcomes for use at home or away…


The Bhavan Staff T shirts DIvya Venkatesh

… and of course, not forgetting T-Shirts that can be adapted for staff, teachers and students, to give them greater ownership and physicality of The Bhavan brand.



The brand guidelines for this 360 degrees brand identity are large (105 pages to be exact)!

We wanted to ensure consistency, and provided many examples of application which the client used immediately to market this season’s work, giving them real added value. The feedback on first contact and ever since has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s been an amazing project, and I’ve come away feeling so inspired and having learnt so much!

If the brand and marketing work we’ve done for The Bhavan has captured your imagination, have a look through my portfolio and Amy’s website and connect with us @Divyaani @AmyIBeeson. We’re confident together we’d be able to create a brand and marketing campaign you and your audience will love.




Amy Beeson Words By Communications


WordsByCommunications Logo Amy Beeson[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_2third_end]

Amy Beeson is a writer and brand creative at Wordsby Communications. She is the co-author of The New Arrival: a heartwarming true story of a trainee nurse in 1970s London and Happy Baby, Happy Family: Learning to trust yourself and enjoy your baby.

If you’d like to discuss brand, campaigns, marketing or PR drop Amy a line to arranage a FREE 1 Hour Consultation. She only works with a handful of clients at a time so if the brand and marketing work we’ve done for The Bhavan has captured your imagination get in touch with her quickly to book her in!



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