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People Protecting Landscapes and Seascapes Initiative

Client: WWF International | Date: 2020

Project-Type: Key message setting, copy writing and editing, design concept generation, layout and formatting, template design for a publication and accompanying deck of PowerPoint slides for use at workshops and meetings.

Creative Team: Liza Zogib and Divya Venkatesh (via DiversEarth)

The PPLS Initiative is designed to build collective action to support conservation led by Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

DiversEarth was brought on board to facilitate and help clarify the initiative’s main objectives, set key messages and copy-edit and design an impactful and engaging document for presentation to relevant stakeholders and to garner support.

Inspired by the initiative’s desire for a ‘systems-change’, we expanded on the WWF parent brand to produce a dynamic and unconventional design that communicates the initiative’s core principles.

“DiversEarth brought excellent knowledge and creativity to our project to communicate a concept for indigenous-led conservation. Patient but focused facilitators, they helped our team craft clear, impactful messages and proposed design options to ensure a reader-friendly and engaging document and presentation that we can modify as needed for different audiences. Insightful and clear thinkers they were also remarkably adaptable as our needs shifted. We hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with Liza and Divya again!”

Elaine Geyer-Allély
Deputy Leader, Governance Practice, WWF International