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Off Your Map

Life Begins in Wetlands.

Client: The Mava Foundation | Date: 2018

Project-Type: Campaign name and brand language development, campaign identity, guidelines, website concept and build, social media and digital marketing, events materials, presentations and merchandise, policy publications and briefings.

Creative Team: Amy Beeson, Binita Walia, Vikki Ellis and Divya Venkatesh

We were tasked with creating a campaign concept and visual identity that appealed to powerful international policymakers to demonstrate that Coastal wetlands are
of high ecological and economic value.

Created in partnership with many stakeholders the brand needed to be strong, easily adaptable and to work in multilingual print and digital communications.

Following research and audience engagement our strategy was to highlight risk, offer opportunities and challenge awareness. We developed brand language including slogan, hashtag, campaign narrative and key messages to work with emotive and scientific content that showcased Mediterranean coastal wetlands and featured flagship species.