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Client: The Mava Foundation / Rooted Everyday | Date: 2020

Project-Type: Brand strategy, campaign name and brand language development, content strategy, content development and delivery across social media, digital communications and PR for international multilingual campaign.

Creative Team: Amy Beeson, Binita Walia, Jane Brant and Divya Venkatesh

Mediterranean Food Heroes, or #MedFoodHeroes, is an international campaign celebrating the benefits of sustainable food producers in Mediterraean landscapes of high biodiversity value – including Lemnos in Greece, the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the Shouf Biosphere Reserve in Lebanon, and the Dehesas and Montados of the Iberian Peninsula.

The campaign showcases producers, products, and the ecological and economic benefits of farming and consuming them. The project was delivered online across website and social media using products, quotes, statistics and infographics.

“We worked together with Divya on the Rooted Everyday campaign, which included the artwork design for two digital activities (#MedStoryPrize and #MedFoodHeroes) as well as the design and development of the campaign’s website. It was delightful to work with her as she more than delivered in creating beautifully representative artwork for all our communications collateral and visually adapting information to the campaigns’ standards. She took the time to understand the campaign’s philosophy, paid close attention to all the requirements and came up with a few amazing alternatives to choose from. She ensured top quality, timely delivery and satisfactory support throughout the project. I highly recommend her as absolutely one of the best in design and development.”

Alexia Zafeiropoulou
Communications Officer at the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos and Rooted Everyday Coordinator (2018 – 2020)

“Thanks to her visual story-telling skills, Divya has done a wonderful job in bringing the vision of our campaign to life through her digital artwork. She is very creative and an excellent communicator which makes it an absolute pleasure to work with her. In addition to her professionalism, creativity and pro-activeness, Divya demonstrated a lot of passion and interest to support our conservation campaign which she reflected in the design of her beautiful campaign materials.”

Pommelien da Silva Cosme
Morocco Programme Director at the Global Diversity Foundation