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International Cat Day 2020 #HappyCat

Client: International Cat Care | Date: 2020

Project-Type: Key Message setting, audience development, copy writing, artwork, campaign planning, PR, social media activation, website and digital communications for International Cat Day on 8th August 2020.

Creative Team: Amy Beeson, Divya Venkatesh and Jane Brant in collaboration with International Cat Care

International Cat Care are a leading charity specialising in feline wellbeing and cat-friendly behaviour. In 2020, they were handed custodianship of International Cat Day which takes place on the 8th of August each year.

As their audiences are mainly cat professionals (breeders, groomers, vets, nurses, behaviourists, clinics, shelters etc…), they brought us on board to help plan and deliver a more consumer facing awareness day and campaign in celebration of cats. 

We supported key message development, campaign planning and delivery, campaign asset and partner toolkit creation, audience engagement and website development – making International Cat Day a success and trending at #1 across social media.