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On The Move: Exhibition Case Study

Logo for The Bhavan, Divya Venkatesh

Commissioned by The Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture and coordinated by DiversEarth, On The Move is a travelling photography exhibition that celebrates the lives and knowledge of transhumance herders across the Mediterranean Basin.

Transhumance is the movement of livestock in search of water and food. It differs from nomadism in that only the herders who lead the flock participate, leaving their families behind. Animal mythology and symbolism permeate all aspects of this nomadic society and their way of living is in real harmony with nature. As human groups they are part of the ecosystems they pass through and their way of living embedded in nature, are themselves part of biodiversity.

The purpose of the exhibition:

– To celebrate and assert the great value of the ecological knowledge of transhumant herders and nomadic pastoralists;

– To raise awareness of the importance of these lifestyles for both nature and culture;

– To assist in lobbying for increased recognition and strengthened legislation;

– To raise additional funds for supporting projects that assist transhumant herders and nomadic pastoralists in relation to biodiversity conservation.

Print Collateral for The Bhavan, Divya Venkatesh

This large project is still ongoing, and I have had the privilege of directing and creating all aspects of supporting visual communications through being part of the DiversEarth team: from the identity and curation of the exhibition itself and associated printed collateral, to social media marketing and promotion, and website design. Should this be rephrased as DE has done this work?? Although in report it says ‘designed by divya’ so maybe it’s okay…

Print Collateral for The Bhavan, Divya Venkatesh

put a picture of collaged print collateral

The featured photographs belongs to 6 talented photographers from around the Mediterranean: Stamos Abatis (Greece), Gema Arrugaeta (Spain and Basque Country), Baris Koca (Turkey), Wassim Ghozlani (Tunisia), Younes Tazi (Morocco), Asaad Saleh (Lebanon) and Alexander Belokurov (Switzerland).

As the photographers are geographically spread out, and the project was set to tour each of these regions there were a multitude of design challenges to overcome: multilingual logo that would work in all scripts and languages, design had limitations for printed collateral so had to work in all languages (especially if some had longer words than other languages). It was also important to note that this exhibition was being put on with limited funding available, so one had to consider how to make a catchy show with available budget.

my responsibilities have included writing briefs, administrative work including liaising between the entire team, ensuring that the work is delivered to schedule and managing any issues that arise along the way.

Many things to think about:

– multilingual logo (so the name and main concept of the exhibition had to translate easily into all languages)

– design had to be catchy and also work in different regions and languages of the med, work with the photo for most striking presentation, and limitations of the physical format being designed to.

– how would all of this be coordinated

Concept Work for The Bhavan, Divya V

put picture of setting up exhibition from geneva natural history museum

So far, On The Move has visited:

Musee Bardo, Tunis, Tunisia

– 9e Arrondissement de la Mairie, Paris, France

Musee d’Histoire Naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland

– Jbeil-Byblos Cultural Center, Byblos, Lebanon

And is set to visit the Real Jardin Botanico in Madrid, Spain, next week (19 February 2015).

This project has allowed me to hone my interpersonal and team skills, time management and effectiveness while continuing to provide me with interesting and challenging design work to produce in 6 different languages (4 different scripts: Arabic, Turkish, Greek, and Latin), comprising not only of more traditional design work such as layout/poster design but also exhibition specific design (identity, curation, captions and signage), merchandise for the exhibition, and written content for the online blog and social media. The project is set to tour until the middle of 2015, however due to rise in popularity may continue touring until the end of the year.