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A new year has begun! And with that, a new approach to life and being a freelance graphic designer!

Lots of things have been scheduled for this year: a new website (which still needs a few tweaks, but then what doesn’t?), a new online shop (I’m finally on Etsy yay), a wedding, lots of travelling (for work and play), lots of Bharata Natyam (in all forms, which I’m so thrilled about and excited to share with you in upcoming months), lots of collaborations, and lots of writing. This last one is something I’ve been thinking I should do for a while – as I was always quite okay at it in school (assignments, keeping journals), but later would always shy away from writing online. Well not anymore (I don’t know who will read these posts, but they will be here nonetheless)!

So these are my resolutions:

To attend more events and talks (at least a couple every month), to collaborate more with friends and other creatives on amazing projects (there is one of these in the pipelines, it’s very exciting and I can’t wait to share it), to spend more time with my family, to have more flowers and plants in my house, to be outdoors more, to make (at least once) all the Waitrose recipe cards I have collected over the years (I probably have enough to make a different dish every day!), to plant more flowers in my garden, and of course to create more work – phew long list.

Divya Venkatesh New Beginnings 1

Speaking of events, here is my ‘event of the week’: Kingston University’s Bright Ideas Award Ceremony, which took place on Wednesday 4th February.

I was very lucky (and honored) to be asked to be a first round judge in Kingston University’s Bright Ideas competition, and was invited to the award ceremony where I not only witnessed all the winners receiving their prizes, but also got to listen to a wonderfully inspiring talk by Jonathan Newman, film-maker and creator of CHI Coconut Drinks. He spoke about how he started his business, about the importance of integrity, and that “success is the perfect balance of luck, talent and taking action”. It was a great experience, to be surrounded by so much enthusiasm and great ideas – I’ve come away from it feeling refreshed, with lots of ideas for my own business – and I even got my name in the leaflet too (little perks!).

Divya Venkatesh New Beginnings-ish 2


So here are some sneak peeks at projects you can expect to read about in the upcoming weeks:

On The Move in Madrid (very excited about travelling there next week to help set up the next phase of this unique photography exhibition)

Best Move Logistics, a website and animation for friendly SW London based removals and logistics company

DiversEarth, branding project for Swiss based NGO set up to increase awareness and protection for sacred natural sites across the world.