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How time flies! It feels like only yesterday that I wrote my first ‘new website blog post’.

Divya Venkatesh Global Roots Graphic for The Bhavan

It has been a really good two weeks and I’m thrilled to share the following news with you:

1. I have been working with The Bhavan UK since September 2014 on their visual communications (and on another special project which I will be able to reveal soon). Through working on their material, I discovered a new band called Ranagri – a fantastic folk music band who gave an electric performance at The Bhavan on Sunday 8th Feb. They got 3 standing ovations!

2. I became the official designer for Treya’s Last Dance, a one woman play set to premier at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this June in LA.

3. And… I traveled to Madrid to help set up On The Move.

This is the fifth stop for this wonderful travelling exhibition commissioned by the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture, and it opened to a very enthusiastic and appreciative public on Thursday 19th February. Madrid is such a beautiful city, we were very lucky to have the delightful Royal Botanical Garden as a venue for the exhibition.

Divya Venkash On The Move in Madrid for DiversEarth