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After a good year or two of um-ing and ah-ing, and talking about it (and talking and talking), I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and launch Ardhamandali.

There are papers everywhere. Ideas scribbled in at least 4 different notebooks, doodles and sketches among my work notes, and boxes and boxes of research and visual experiments I’ve not really had the time to revisit since my MA – so I think it’s time I begin to house all my thoughts, discoveries, dreams and projects under one roof.

Ardhamandali is a creative space (virtual for the moment) where my love for Bharatanataym and my love for graphic design connect – drawing inspiration, discovering possibilities, finding dynamics and exploring ways of visually documenting my personal journey through dance and design.

I’m very excited (and a bit nervous) about putting Ardhamandali out there, yet at the same time relieved at having made the decision to launch now. I’m really looking forward to what this journey of observation, questioning and expression will reveal.